We created Yolk
out of necessity.

Yolk was created to fill a need for more accurate and high-quality information regarding pregnancy and postpartum. Our surveys consistency validate what research says, that pregnant folks feel their attempts to get information are less than satisfactory. 

So – we want to solve that problem and have fun doing it. 

Yolk is an evidence-informed platform offering paced video-based courses- on topics you have requested. 

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Our Vision

Create beautiful, quarky and real life learning videos- translating research into patient knowledge.

We are all learners at the work- committed for life. We want to learn from you, as much as we want our content to be useful. Please community what you want to learn, how we are doing.

Hi! My name is Stephanie McDonnell and I am the founder of The Yolk Health. 

I am a midwife, a mother and a student completing my Master of Health Administration at UBC. I have long been fascinated with “healthcare” and have been involved in it at many levels: administration, policy, research, clinical and as a patient. One piece that I have always felt is missing is prevention and education and that is how Yolk has come to be.

Course information

Each course...

Module #1

Pain Prep

Pain prep is a 6-module, video based, self paced course on pain management for labour. We will explore: the definition of labour pain and why it’s different from other types of pain & the idea of framing pain. We will learn about how the mind and environment affect the experience of pain and finally we will share an evidence informed tool kit on all of the pain management tools out there (pharmacological and nonpharmacological).

We will finish with some reflection work to see what approaches and tools appeal to you most, and how to go about setting the supports in place that you need for labour. This course is for pregnant folks, their supporters, doulas, prenatal educators and health care providers who want to learn more and the most up to date info on labour pain.

Our values: