Pain Management for Labour: Approaches and Tools

Labour is complex and totally different for everyone. While labour is essentially the same physiological process between people- not all people experience labour pain in the same way. Why is this? Well...

There are many factors that affect how someone experiences labour.

Pain prep is a cutting-edge hot topic course! There is no course like it out there- anywhere.

 “I’ll see how it goes in labour, I don’t need to read up …” not the best approach!

Why not try- “Ill prepare myself on the risks and benefits of what could happen- and  set up the supports I think I need to deal with an uncomfortable situation”. 

There is strong body of research out there that says if you have spent at least some time educating yourself- you will have a better labour experience. 

This course is suitable for pregnant folks, their support people, doulas, prenatal educators, and health care providers. Why is it suitable to all of these people- because frankly health care providers are too busy to be as up to date as this course is. And they are definitely not taking 4 hours talking to their patients about their pain management options. That’s why. 

This course has 6 modules which help to explain the definitions and framing of labour pain and why it’s now being recognised as different from any other type of pain.

As well, we will explore how your mind and environment can influence how you experience labour. You will learn about all of your pain relief options and the research behind these tools and methods. We will wrap the course up with a tool kit to support you in reflecting and forming a plan for labour. You will walk away informed, empowered and with lots to think about.

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Course Includes

  • 7 Modules
  • 2 Lessons
  • 2 Quizzes